Sunday, December 31, 2006
Shift Hunter

Ok, for lack of something else to chit chat about, below I'm posting an excerpt from the sequel to Shift for Hire. This new story, as you may have read in a previous post, is called Shift Hunter. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Tony progressed soundlessly through the trees, his eyes and ears alert to movement around him. He hadn’t wanted to leave the women alone, especially having taken on the job of delivering Cae to his contact, but the necessity of slowing down his competition was more pressing.

He paused behind an aging oak, tilted his head and closed his eyes. As he concentrated on his surroundings, allowing sound to flow to and through him, he caught a faint rustle like canvas cloth rubbing. On a chilled breeze, the sound of someone walking came to him, the crunch of snow beneath their feet. His ears hadn’t failed him since he was a child. He’d always been guided by them.

Still in stealth mode, he flipped open a small pocket on his right leg, halfway down to his knee. He had no intention of using his gun again. He needed to keep his location hidden from his enemy as long as possible. If necessary, his knife would do the trick just fine.

Crouched low, he stepped lightly forward, the swishing cloth coming closer. Suddenly the man hove into view and Tony pivoted around a tree so that he faced the man from behind. A brief choke hold, a tap to the hollow on his shoulder, and the man dropped like a weighted sack.

A few more of the bounty hunters followed their friend face down in the snow before Tony had doubled almost all the way back to the factory. It was then he noticed the reinforcements they’d called in, in jeeps. Damn! Just how many of them work together?

Cae’s capture did offer a very high reward, enough to spread generously throughout the group, still these guys were greedy. He’d seen them fight over a few dollars. It was better to remove temptation from their grasp. He was not inhumane either. He had been truthful with Cae about their tendency to rape the Shifts, not feeling obligated to follow laws concerning them. He had no love for Shifts himself, but that didn’t mean he would go to the extents that these men did. The thought alone disgusted him.

His eyes roved the open area the men milled in. Four leaned against one jeep, another two sat inside each of three vehicles. Three more were strolling back from the wooded area opposite him. Were there more in the trees? He listened and detected nothing. He’d have to chance it to slow them down, and then he’d high tail it back to the Shifts. Something told him the pigheaded Cae would not follow his order to stay put.

He felt a sensual awareness just thinking of her and brutally swallowed it. He was not attracted to that Shift! He stepped backwards the way he came and shielded himself with a wide tree trunk, then began removing his clothing.

So, there it is. Are you wondering what in the world Tony's doing removing his clothes in the middle of a snow-covered forest? Good. :)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Sick and Reading

I took off the entire week so I could enjoy wonderful relaxation. My copy of I'm the Vampire, That's Why came today. I'm enjoying it, but wouldn't you know it, I'm sick! Stomach's upset, nauseous.

I had goals darn it. I wanted to type out at least 2000 words on my story, but I can't concentrate over the rocking and moans. Ah well, at least I don't have to be at work suffering.

Maybe I'll lose some weight from all the um...never mind. Have a good one.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Happy Wednesday, Somewhat

Ok, we're halfway through the week and yesterday the VP of HR told us we get off half a day on Friday. Yayy! Great news moving through this impossible week before Christmas break. I hope everyone has the good fortune to be off at least one extra day for the holidays.

So here I sit biting my nails because of my first family dinner in my house. I was able to finagle getting my mother to cook the turkey instead of me. I'm footing the bill though. :) And I've made a list for everyone to bring something. Of course, now my sister informs me that for everything that's not on the list, I have to supply it. What the? Now I have to supply the drinks, the paper goods, the rolls and whatever else that's missing. Like I was taking notes when everyone else coordinating these things? Ok, the truth's out. I'm not a hostess either, along with the not liking to cook. Ah well.

I'm also contemplating the subject of my free V-day story. What to write, what to write. I have no idea. I've never written one. Nothing is coming to mind. I want to stay with my fav genres though. Even when I think of writing a contemporary or something, my mind starts veering off to giving the guy or girl powers of some sort or making imaginary creatures. I'm incureable on that head.

Ah well, any ideas?
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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Pancakes and Men

So last night I went to my sister's open house for another one of her real estate ventures and my brother-in-law began to tease me about how they haven't heard from me lately. I can't explain to him for some reason that I've been spending most of my free time writing. He claims my sister called me twice and twice this week my kids said I was at the store. So now he's saying I must be going to the grocery store to meet secretly with...get this...Buford! Buford? Can he not have a sexier name, this secret--imaginary--man?

Then we all got into a big debate about whether I would be able to hold on to a man since I hate cooking so much. Where upon I announced, "Well what will he do to hold on to me?" That got the ladies agreeing quickly and the men grumbling. I never did get away from his Buford theory.

So this morning--at the grocery store--lol, I decided I'd get a pancake mix and some sausage. Well, I better find a really good man who loves to cook or suffer alone, because my pancakes were extremely flat and had no taste beyond the thick Mrs. Butterworth syrup I overpoured onto them. Ugh!

So, Mr. Right, if you're reading this and it's a Sunday morning, I would like two thick pancakes, two sausages and you in nothing but an apron. :)

-AJ (PS, my son is just reading my children's book and told me it's "laugh out loud funny". How cool is that?)
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Friday, December 15, 2006

What do to, what to do? So I'm reading this book and the author has all kinds of delicious subplots going on. And I'm enjoying it so much, while at the same time writing my sequel, as mentioned. I want to add in a few subplots to Shift Hunter, but nothing's coming to mind. Here's what's happening right now:

Caelynn is on America's Most Wanted list because of her illegal activities with the Shift rebellion. She threatened to blow up one of the richest men in American and his multi billion dollar corporation. This guy has influenced nations with his money. So the government, upset that she's messing with their honey pot, hires the Shift Hunter. In less than 24 hours after he's hired, this man catches her. Some rebel she is. The fun will be in her trying to escape with her pride intact.

Since I can't resist being funny, or at least it's funny to me. Maybe I'm weird. I'm right at a point when Cae's powers of ESP are not working so she didn't know who was about to come inside the room she's locked in. She throws a flying kick and it lands smack in the face of one of her rescuers. When she realizes it, she tries to pull back, only to crack her toes on the door jamb. Now she's got broken toes, her abilities are blocked, one of her friends is unconscious on the floor, the other is leaning over her in a panic and the Shift Hunter just woke up.

Wow, she's in a pickle! I think that's funny too. But I need subplots! Any ideas?
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Monday, December 11, 2006
Chess Club, My Space and Fellow Divas

I have so much to blog on but so little time, so I apologize to those who would object, but I've got to put it all into one big happy post. Let's see.

Well, I finally created a myspace page and I fell in love. I don't know why but my blogspot makes me feel all alone in the world (lonely). Ok, it doesn't take much since I go to bed alone at night in my queen-sized bed. But on myspace, I feel like tons of people are right there near me, waiting for me to drop over on their page or comment on their blog. Anything. I can do the same thing on blogspot, but it feels different. Ok, I'm weird. I accept it.

So, I blogged a bit about my son's chess tounament this weekend. It was his first time, and I was bucking against having to sit in on the boring thing for four hours. Turns out it wasn't boring at all. At one point, I was even biting my nails and peeking through my fingers at every move my son made. I saw that he was better than the last opponent he went up against, but he was tired and hungry. He wasn't playing his best.

His school came in third place and two kids in his club won a trophy. He was discouraged about playing again in February and I found myself encouraging him that we'd be better prepared, etc. Now, he thinks he'll try again and I just hope my fingernails can stand the strain. :)

I just finished Crystal Jordan's ebook, Wereplanets: Ice. It was really...and I mean! I was crazy enough to be reading it at work! (Plug for buying ebooks--you can look busy while goofing off.) I was getting so worked up, but I just had to keep going. Whew! So I'm looking for more books by Crystal. She's so good! Thanks for the great read, Crystal.

I'd like to blog on Sweet Surrender by Pamela Marshall

Having narrowly escaped her abusive husband, Rachel Mackenzie finds herself alone and pregnant with only the clothes on her back. She takes up refuge in a shelter for domestically abused women, but is unhappy. Learning of a job caring for a mildly autistic teenager, Rachel leaps at the chance for independence.

Wealthy and handsome Matthew Steele has secrets of his own. He spent four years in a boy's home following a family tragedy and his past has left him emotionally distant, except around his sister, Kendra.

When Rachel and Matthew meet, neither can deny the instant attraction — it sends them both reeling. However, Matthew warns Rachel not to think of him as more than an employer, if she wants the job and she agrees. The handsome young man with the stammer and off-putting demeanor may intrigue her, but she only wants his friendship.

Events occur that challenge their resolve and force them to grow close. Is Rachel's husband really out of her life? Will Matthew be able to resolve his past and surrender his heart? Can Rachel learn to trust Matthew in spite of her abusive past and his indecision? Neither feels they deserve love; see if they can find it with A Sweet Surrender.

COMING JANUARY 2007!Linden Bay Romance
Pamela Marshall

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Friday, December 08, 2006

This is Liu Kang of Mortal Kombat. His real name is Robin Shou. Is he hot or what?!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Stone Guardian Strikes Again!

Wow, I'm on a roll! Stone Guardian got 5 hearts from The Romance Studio. Woo hoo! Here's a bit of the review:

"A J Cove delivers a tautly plotted tale with twists and turns no reader will expect or see coming. The characters are delicious and well-delineated, and the setting is lush and gorgeous, the envy of this reviewer. Stone Guardian is a book I can heartily recommend and I expect it to become a re-reader for many."

To celebrate and because the book isn't available at Amira Press right now, I am going to give away a FREE copy of Stone Guardian to whoever emails me a copy of your purchase receipt for my book Invisible Rose, available now from Cobblestone Press. I'm only giving away 5 copies, so you'd better hurry. It doesn't matter when you purchased it, meaning before this post or after. The first 5 get the free copy of Stone Guardian. Email me at

Below are the blurbs for both books and my heartfelt thanks to the reviewer, Annie, who took the time to read it. The full review can be found here.

Stone Guardian
Tina is stuck in a foreign airport because she neglected to get a letter-of-invitation into the restricted country. Before she can resolve this crisis, she meets a handsome stranger who, without her knowledge, slips a virtually undetectable bomb inside her pocket, set to kill her and everyone around her.
When she awakes sometime later, she's in Ireland, in a stranger's home and the woman nursing her will not reveal any of this man's secrets--not even his name!
When she's recovered enough to rise, Tina discovers she's wanted for terrorism, her name has been changed and so has her face.
Now she's being hunted by not one but two creatures of the dark, bent on destroying all that's left of her fragile identity. Her best chance is to learn all she can from the man she knows only as "Saint John". But can she trust him with her life and her heart?

Invisible Rose
Doshi is all but invisible because of her sister, who’s known as the Wild Rose because of her wanton behavior. Doshi fades in the shadow of such a paragon, except when spilling hot tea on a suitor and meeting a prince while covered in mud.
Then Doshi discovers she really can become invisible and decides to act on her fantasies, beginning with an affair with Prince Tarin. Doshi's dreams never prepared her for the pleasure she has making love with a prince while invisible, nor did she count on falling in love with the man promised to marry her sister.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I want to say thank you and congratulations to Jenny! She won a free copy of my book Shift for Hire. I hope you enjoy it Jenny. Let me know what you think. Thanks so much for reading.

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Back Pain and Writing

I've been at home suffering from awful back pain. I was unable to sit down. I had to stand or lay across the bed. I figured it's because I've been sitting at a computer for hours on end every single day. Of course it could also be stress.

But thank God it's getting better. And you know what happens after that. I go right back to what caused my issues in the first place.

Seriously, will there come a time when people have to seek therapy because they can't stay off the internet? Because I'm thinking if I am in terrible pain and I remedy it by laying flat on the bed using the laptop instead of sitting at my desktop, there's a problem.

In other news...

I just did a short story called A Man for Lacie. It's available as a free download from Amira Press' yahoo group. You can get to it if you visit their page here. Here's the blurb.

Lacie Liu is a librarian, with her nose buried in a romance novel at every free moment. She dreams of finding a man who will help her to experience the longings in her heart and body. Her boss, who loves her like a daughter is constantly trying to set her up, with disastrous consequences.

One night, while working late in the library, Lacie meets a man who has the ability to be all that she could ever dream of. They spend one perfect night together and Lacie wakes the next morning longing for more. Her heart cries out to her secret lover and he shows up again to meet her wishes. The difference is, this time, his pleasuring could mean a lifetime of enslavement and death to her lover.

Stay well,
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CoffeeTime Romance gave Stone Guardian 4 cups! Here's a bit of what was said:

"This is not your usual damsel in distress because Jade fights every step of the way. Our hero is also made out of different stuff, stone and harder when need be. I liked that it started off with a bang and quickly shifted gears for Jade to face her altered reality. Jade and Saint John believe that even if the outer you has changed, inside is your core and remains constant. We are who we are inside and there is no changing that. We must accept our realities as they come to us whether facing a demon, fighting an attacker or falling in love with a gargoyle."

You can read the full review here: Stone Guardian. Thanks, Lainey. You made my day!


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Saturday, December 02, 2006

She's Got Legs, What About Me?

I just finished reading Amanda Brice's chicklit story and let me tell you, Amanda can write! I loved it. The heroine, Daria, was so firey and funny. I felt like I was peeking into her life, she seemed so real. And I love being nosy.

So I laughed on through until I got to Daria's love interest. His view of Daria had me wishing I had those incredible legs you see on the cover. I think if I bent over to pick something up, the men wouldn't be lusting, they'd be running before my butt sucked them up. Ok, I'm exaggerating. Haha.

But, this was my first clicklit and I'm glad I chose it. WTG, Amanda.

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