Sunday, March 04, 2007
Your Fantasies

Do you ever fantasize about writing stories that you know aren't what anyone wants to read, that probably wouldn't sell well, so you just play them out in your own mind? One author said she has a love of secret pregnancies and she has to resist the temptation to write that into her stories.

For me, I dream of meek little heroines who desperately need a man to save them from the cruel world. Lol. Sometimes, I dream of him hating her for some reason initially. Maybe her brother or father has destroyed his business and now that he's fought his way back to wealth, he's seeking revenge. And the best way to hurt the male in her family is through her..

So he seduces her, makes her fall in love with him, even marries her. Then the real deal comes out. He treats her like trash for a long time. She runs away a few times and is always found by her cruel husband, who drags her back home to humiliate her at his cocktail parties and the like.

And just when she's completely broken to the point of not eating and stops talking, he realizes what he's done to her and begins to gently care for her like a loving husband should have in the first place. But this takes a very long time, maybe years since she trembles with terror every time he comes near.

Oh how I love that type of story. Sigh. But I don't write that way. I create strong, independent heroines who are not to the point of "I don't need a man", but still sassy and irreverant of their eventual mates. :)

So what about you? Do you have any fantasy stories that you keep for your own secret delight?
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