Sunday, October 29, 2006

It only took me thousands and thousands of typed words to find out, but I finally realized that I can be rather anal with my chapter lengths. For example, if I am working on a full-length book, I tend to want my chapters to be exactly 10 pages of single-spaced text each. On very rare occasions, I allow eleven pages or maybe nine pages. On my novellas, I have sometimes set for myself five pages in length for each chapter.

The problem with this rigid ridiculousness is that there may be tons of dialogue, description or background that I want to add, but because I'm trying to keep to my limit per chapter, I cut it off. Sometimes, by the time I'm ready to start the next chapter, I've forgotten the original train of thought. This can cause problems later on.

So, to fix my little control-freak dilemma, I have decided to write my next book using only asterisks for scene breaks. I'll only track number of words and then go back after I've finished to separate it into chapters. I'll keep you posted on my progress and whether I start having withdrawal pains from the loss of control over the pages.

Has anyone ever tried doing this? Was it successful? Do you think I'm insane? :)
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Friday, October 27, 2006

It's 5:26 am and I haven't a Thing to Say

I didn't want to let too much time go by without posting something, but my mind's blank. I'm tired, but can't sleep. Ugh. It might have something to do with the fact that yesterday I got my first edit of my novella Invisible Rose from my Cobblestone Press editor. Those girls are THOROUGH! Boy, do I feel overwhelmed with all I need to do to get my writing in tip top shape, and a little down too.

I start to feel like I can't do it. Though I've written tons, I feel like the well might run dry any second and I won't be able to create anything interesting again. But I stuff down those feelings and I shuffle forward. At least I try.

Well at least it's Friday. Does anyone else ever feel daunted by all the editing?
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
What's Your Poison?

Am I wrong or is that how a person asks what you like to drink? In this case, I want to know what do you like to see or rather read in a blog. What do you like and don't like when visiting another person's blog?

For myself, I enjoy reading funny tales of a person's life. I'm nosy that way. Can't help myself. I love to laugh and I get a special kick out of reading a clever title and sassy little quips about this and that from the really gifted and talented folks out there in cyber land.

For my dislikes, please excuse me, but I don't like an announcement only type blog. I want to feel I'm chatting with the blog author. When we don't share and socialize, it distances us from our audience. That doesn't mean no announcements should be made, but I believe there should be more shooting the breeze. Just my thoughts.

So what do you prefer to read in another's blog? I'll add a small list below, but feel free to add anything you like in your comments.

I Like
1. To read about the family (DH, babies, etc.)
2. To read about challenges and struggles
3. Crazy things you did in your day that you can only share with your cyber family
4. Sassy humor
5. Writing and publishing tips
6. Games, challenges, riddles, contests
7. Something unique
8. Your thoughts

So please don't be shy, let me know what you like and don't like about blogs you've stumbled upon. And I hope you won't say you hate posts that ask you what you like and don't like! :)

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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Stone Guardian Received 4.5 Orgasms!

Oh mama! I got a good review from Tara's Reviews. Tara wrote,

A.J. Cove delivered a well-crafted and original novel. Although there were no wolves or hawks, there were a lot of sensual scenes brought to life by her wonderful descriptions. Pick up the book, you wont be disappointed.
[Note: There is a gargoyle and a demon in there. :) ]

I've added a little snippet from my book to give you a better idea of what you're missing if you haven't read it yet. BTW, for some reason my apostrophes and the like are not showing up properly on my screen. Please excuse the fact that I took them out to be easier on the eyes. Thanks.

Jade, he breathed, youre not a tease.

No, Im not.

Comprehension lit his eyes and John strode to her side to haul her onto his lap, I wont ask why youve changed your mind. Right now, I dont care. I must have you.

The feeling is entirely mutual.

Jade didnt wait for Johns leading. She stretched out an eager hand to unzip his pants and reached inside to stroke him into readiness. Johns groan rumbled against her breast where hed rapidly uncovered her aching nipples. He fed first one, then the other inside his mouth and sucked until she too cried out. His circling tongue drove her to buck against him and John tossed her down on the chair as his hands relieved her of her panties.

Spread your legs, Jade, he ordered. I need to get inside you right now.

She was only too willing to comply and hooked her legs on his hips to assist. Johns body pressed her firmly into the couch, his hardness penetrating her already moist center. The two moaned in unison as their bodies worked a spell of grinding pleasure.

John, I cant believe. I cant believe. Her voice trailed as she reached her peak, the first of many if she knew her perfect lover at all. She sought his mouth greedily and shoved her tongue inside, while tangling her fingers in his hair.

Stone Guardian can be purchased here. Happy Sunday!
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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Book Reviews - My Clever Title

Happy Saturday! Let me start off saying I admire those who can come up with catchy titles to snare you right off the bat and have your sticking around their site for a bit. However, as you can see by my title here, I am sorely lacking in that skill. Forgive me.

Ok, I discovered a writer didn't know about. I'm sure millions have heard of her. Since I'm still green behind the ears and wet around the gills (haha I did that on purpose), I didn't know Tara existed.

But the point is, Tara does reviews. And she says many others are starting review blogs also. So I'm wondering why would be authors do it? Ok, the obvious reason is to get to read more books, but how does it help one's own career other than make other authors think you're the most special person on the plant, which I now feel about Tara. (Ok, I really hope she likes my books.)

If you have the foggiest notion of why an author would do it other than the obvious or you are an author reviewer with your own review site, please comment and let me know. I'm terribly curious.

Oh yes, Tara's review site is here: Tara M. Leigh Reviews
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Friday, October 20, 2006
Found a new blog called Craft Related Crap! Bec is hilarious! She'll have you rolling on the floor. Run over there real quick and check her out. I'll wait for you to get back... See, told you. :)
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Thursday, October 19, 2006
To Plot or Not to Plot...

So, I'm about to map out a new novel which I hope to be motivated into writing by joining the NaNo challenge next month. Hold a sec while I sign up... Ok, I did it!

Now, I'm thinking do I follow my normal mode of writing or do I really get serious and start plotting. Actually, most of the time I write out a two to three page general synoposis of what my book will be about, and then I start writing. I work out the details as I go along. That has worked great for me so far.

However, currently not only am I delving into a new area for me (magic and faeries), I also did not do my synopsis. Needless to say, I am behind my schedule and struggling along at a snail's pace trying to figure out what should happen next.

I wrote a summary of each chapter of my 65,000 word book, which was my first book. I wrote a summary for my 45,000 word book. And I've written summaries generally for all the others, so why haven't I gotten it into my head that I need a synopsis or some type of notes?

I blame Ms. Procrastination. If she were real, I'd give her a smack and lock her out of my house. But I suspect she's an amazon genie and she'd have me in a full nelson before I knew what hit me.

The weird thing is, one of my sons is a procrastinator like me and the other isn't. If he has a month to do a project, you can believe he can't wait until the weekend for me to get his poster board. He needs it tonight because time is running out.

So with all that said, my question to you my friends is: do you plot or do you fly by the seat of your pants? And if you do plot, is it a simple summary or do you map each chapter?

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Do you believe in magic?

I did it! I just finished writing a scene in my newest novella where my fae heroine has discovered how to use her magic. I feel like I just created that little ball of energy myself. Poor thing, she nearly gave the cat a heart attack when she inadvertently hurled a sphere of fae magic at its back. Mrs. Kitt will get over it. Mai's a real fae! She's so excited.

So tell me, fellow writers. Do you believe in magic? And have you ever gotten so caught up in a scene you're writing that you feel like it's you living it? Isn't writing wonderful?
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Now that it's getting colder in Baltimore, I miss the summer when my kids and I sailed to St. Thomas. Where did the warmth go?

Today, my thirteen year old went off camping, leaving my ten year old lonely without his brother. Now I've been his playmate and let me tell you, I miss my older son! I love my child, but I really can't bear to hear another discription of what spongebob did or what happened on pokemon. Somebody help! And this is only the first night.

Needless to say, I can't do much writing tonight. I can't concentrate. Okay, that's just an excuse. I'm feeling lazy. Tomorrow is a new day. :)

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I'm so excited! Cobblestone Press accepted my new novella, Invisible Rose! Below is a brief synopsis:

Doshi is all but invisible because of her sister, who’s known as the Wild Rose because of her wanton behavior. Doshi fades in the shadow of such a paragon, except when spilling hot tea on a suitor and meeting a prince while covered in mud.

Then Doshi discovers she really can become invisible and decides to act on her fantasies, beginning with an affair with Prince Tarin. Doshi's dreams never prepared her for the pleasure she has making love with a prince while invisible, nor did she count on falling in love with the man promised to marry her sister.
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Monday, October 02, 2006
Good morning everyone,

Today I'm a little down. I've made such progress with my writing, and have two or three more in the works (books), but I feel like I'm in a slump still. I'm trying to learn the game of being online. Boy is this joint huge! :)

I've also started reading The B*E*A*S*T Within by Rebecca Goings. It's pretty interesting so far and Rebecca's a good writer. I will definately be on the lookout for other books by her.

I'm new to the shift into animals thing and wanted to see what I was missing. I know what you're thinking, I'm new at everything. Sorrrryyyy. Have to start somewhere. :-)

For my own book, Shift for Hire, the heroine shifts only into humans. She's an alien in case you didn't know. But just because she can't turn into one of the big cats, doesn't mean she doesn't get into her own scrapes.

I'm almost finished with my latest book, Stone Guardian. It's been incredibly fun writing and I believe it will be a fun read. I'll post here as soon as I get it published at Amira Press. I welome comments.

Thanks. Have a great day!
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