Friday, December 15, 2006

What do to, what to do? So I'm reading this book and the author has all kinds of delicious subplots going on. And I'm enjoying it so much, while at the same time writing my sequel, as mentioned. I want to add in a few subplots to Shift Hunter, but nothing's coming to mind. Here's what's happening right now:

Caelynn is on America's Most Wanted list because of her illegal activities with the Shift rebellion. She threatened to blow up one of the richest men in American and his multi billion dollar corporation. This guy has influenced nations with his money. So the government, upset that she's messing with their honey pot, hires the Shift Hunter. In less than 24 hours after he's hired, this man catches her. Some rebel she is. The fun will be in her trying to escape with her pride intact.

Since I can't resist being funny, or at least it's funny to me. Maybe I'm weird. I'm right at a point when Cae's powers of ESP are not working so she didn't know who was about to come inside the room she's locked in. She throws a flying kick and it lands smack in the face of one of her rescuers. When she realizes it, she tries to pull back, only to crack her toes on the door jamb. Now she's got broken toes, her abilities are blocked, one of her friends is unconscious on the floor, the other is leaning over her in a panic and the Shift Hunter just woke up.

Wow, she's in a pickle! I think that's funny too. But I need subplots! Any ideas?
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