Sunday, December 17, 2006
Pancakes and Men

So last night I went to my sister's open house for another one of her real estate ventures and my brother-in-law began to tease me about how they haven't heard from me lately. I can't explain to him for some reason that I've been spending most of my free time writing. He claims my sister called me twice and twice this week my kids said I was at the store. So now he's saying I must be going to the grocery store to meet secretly with...get this...Buford! Buford? Can he not have a sexier name, this secret--imaginary--man?

Then we all got into a big debate about whether I would be able to hold on to a man since I hate cooking so much. Where upon I announced, "Well what will he do to hold on to me?" That got the ladies agreeing quickly and the men grumbling. I never did get away from his Buford theory.

So this morning--at the grocery store--lol, I decided I'd get a pancake mix and some sausage. Well, I better find a really good man who loves to cook or suffer alone, because my pancakes were extremely flat and had no taste beyond the thick Mrs. Butterworth syrup I overpoured onto them. Ugh!

So, Mr. Right, if you're reading this and it's a Sunday morning, I would like two thick pancakes, two sausages and you in nothing but an apron. :)

-AJ (PS, my son is just reading my children's book and told me it's "laugh out loud funny". How cool is that?)
posted @ 12:19 PM  
  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Cora Zane said…

    ROFL @ Buford! Oh, my, what a sexy beast he must be! ^_^

    AJ, I didn't know anyone else had an imaginary lover - too funny! Mine is Miguel, luckily a name I kinda like. Anyway, hubby and Oldest tease me relentlessly about this "boyfriend". Hahaha!

    Have fun writing. :)

  • At 3:13 PM, Blogger Emmy Ellis said…

    Isn't Buford a dog's name?


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