Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Why Is it So Hard?

I don't get it. I blog hop around and find many people out there who have the gift of gab. They even get me interested in what they had for breakfast this morning. I'm just lost in the latest in their family saga. Yet, I can't think of a thing to blog about half the time.

I wonder if it's because I consider myself or my life somewhat boring. Hmm. No, that's not exactly it. I do have ALOT of drama happening right now. Maybe it's that I don't want to air out the granny drawers online. Haha. <-- Ok, that was so not me. Keeley, get off the darn computer!

Sigh. What I do for a laugh. So what should I chit chat about on here? I mean do I really want to yammer on about my book again? Um, yeah! But I won't. Ok, I will.

I'm right at the place where Tony and Cae first do the deed! She's telling him basically how much she hates him and those like him. He's telling he likewise. Both of them are wondering why they can't separate their lips from the other's body. Oh boy, oh boy!

Of course you realize this is all in my head, because I think I stopped writing right when he kissed her and carried her over to the blankets by the fire. I stopped there and went to work. Somehow, even when I had a break, I just couldn't bring myself to write sex scene at work. The atmosphere was all wrong. I mean when Don came in asking for binder clips, that just ruined the whole feel. Know what I mean? Or are you being dirty-minded, wondering what you'd do with binder clips? Yowee!

So, I was asked recently in an interview what were my bad writing habits. I had no idea what a bad writing habit is, though I'm sure I have plenty. I'm thinking now (after the fact of course) that one is blogging and blog hopping when I'm supposed to be writing. Or is that something else?

Ok, I'm ending it 'cause I ran out of endless drivel. :-) Have a great one.

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  • At 4:58 PM, Blogger Tara M. Leigh said…

    LOL!!!! At least your not ranting about worthless hubbies...or being wishy-washy on what to do with said worthless hubby!!!!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  • At 11:59 PM, Blogger Kelley Nyrae said…

    I can't think of anything to blog about half the time either!! I read all these other blogs that are funny, creative, get you involved and I feel like mine is so blah. I really need to work on that, LOL.

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger Cora Zane said…

    Some days I don't know what to blog about either, so I just let fly whatever I'm doing at the moment - eating toast, rewriting chapter 4, wearing bunny slippers, whatever.

    If you feel like blogging about your book - do it! You're a writer, so that sort of thing is natural to find on a writer's blog. *thumbs up*

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