Sunday, December 31, 2006
Shift Hunter

Ok, for lack of something else to chit chat about, below I'm posting an excerpt from the sequel to Shift for Hire. This new story, as you may have read in a previous post, is called Shift Hunter. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Tony progressed soundlessly through the trees, his eyes and ears alert to movement around him. He hadn’t wanted to leave the women alone, especially having taken on the job of delivering Cae to his contact, but the necessity of slowing down his competition was more pressing.

He paused behind an aging oak, tilted his head and closed his eyes. As he concentrated on his surroundings, allowing sound to flow to and through him, he caught a faint rustle like canvas cloth rubbing. On a chilled breeze, the sound of someone walking came to him, the crunch of snow beneath their feet. His ears hadn’t failed him since he was a child. He’d always been guided by them.

Still in stealth mode, he flipped open a small pocket on his right leg, halfway down to his knee. He had no intention of using his gun again. He needed to keep his location hidden from his enemy as long as possible. If necessary, his knife would do the trick just fine.

Crouched low, he stepped lightly forward, the swishing cloth coming closer. Suddenly the man hove into view and Tony pivoted around a tree so that he faced the man from behind. A brief choke hold, a tap to the hollow on his shoulder, and the man dropped like a weighted sack.

A few more of the bounty hunters followed their friend face down in the snow before Tony had doubled almost all the way back to the factory. It was then he noticed the reinforcements they’d called in, in jeeps. Damn! Just how many of them work together?

Cae’s capture did offer a very high reward, enough to spread generously throughout the group, still these guys were greedy. He’d seen them fight over a few dollars. It was better to remove temptation from their grasp. He was not inhumane either. He had been truthful with Cae about their tendency to rape the Shifts, not feeling obligated to follow laws concerning them. He had no love for Shifts himself, but that didn’t mean he would go to the extents that these men did. The thought alone disgusted him.

His eyes roved the open area the men milled in. Four leaned against one jeep, another two sat inside each of three vehicles. Three more were strolling back from the wooded area opposite him. Were there more in the trees? He listened and detected nothing. He’d have to chance it to slow them down, and then he’d high tail it back to the Shifts. Something told him the pigheaded Cae would not follow his order to stay put.

He felt a sensual awareness just thinking of her and brutally swallowed it. He was not attracted to that Shift! He stepped backwards the way he came and shielded himself with a wide tree trunk, then began removing his clothing.

So, there it is. Are you wondering what in the world Tony's doing removing his clothes in the middle of a snow-covered forest? Good. :)

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