Wednesday, February 21, 2007
I'm On Cloud Nine!

I just woke up to the news that NCP (New Concepts Publishing) has accepted my novella, Fae by Email. I'm so excited. I can't believe it. I was ready to give up. It's been over three months or has it been four? It's been so long, I'll have to reread it to fill out the art form and to write the blurb. Lol.

But who cares. It's wonderful news. Oh my!
posted @ 5:59 AM  
  • At 9:36 PM, Blogger Tempest Knight said…

    Yayy! That's fantastic news! NCP is a great publisher. I've heard lots of good things. Way to go, girl! Let's celebrate. You bring the booze, I bring the male strippers. Ooops... this isn't a bachelorette party. Oh well, male strippers go well with any occasion. *winks*

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