Tuesday, October 09, 2007
It's Coming! Yes! It's my third book in my shift series
Dragon Shift by A.J. Cove

Eve is an alien who is enslaved by an evil master. When her Master takes her to Earth to trap a dragon, she never imagines that Terrell will teach her what it means to feel again—and if she can trust him—free her from a life of servitude. Terrell has always been about finding the hottest shape-shifter on Earth to warm his bed. When he meets Eve, the sparks fly--literally. Eve is so hot, her hair is a constant flame of fire. Together, when they make love, they nearly burn down a forest. But will the power between them be enough to save their lives?


Not turning around, he spoke.

“So, who are you?”

Her eyes widened, and she gasped, placing a transparent hand across her lips. “Y-You know I am here?” she whispered.

He laughed and spun to face her, a cocky grin spreading across his face. “Damn. And beautiful, too. Mmm, I knew I’d smelled a sexy woman. My nose never fools me.”

A sense of panic welled within her. Her spirit jerked backward as she fought to keep concentration. “I do not understand. How can you see me? No human has ever been able to see me.”

He shrugged. “How many have you met?” He gestured toward the explosions fading behind the ship. “We’re a bit busy right now fighting a stupid war, but there might be one or two available to experiment on.”

“You jest. I need to know. How?” She paced, or, rather, floated, from a wall with a doorway probably leading below deck to the railing and back. “It is because you are part dragon, I guess. Dragons are magical creatures.”

He froze again, “How do you know that? No one, other than those closest to me, knows about my abilities. They either know me as Terrell or as the dragon come to kick their asses.” He chuckled.

“It is him. He has ways of finding out things. Knows where creatures are. I work for him. So, it is confirmed. You are here . . . Terrell.” She spoke the name softly, liking the way it rolled from her tongue. From the first time she saw his face in a device for showing such things, back on the space craft, she knew she wanted to get to know him.

“You know my name, baby. What’s yours?”

She hesitated, not sure he would approve. But it seemed harmless enough for the dragon-man to know. “I am Eve.”

He grinned again. “Eve. Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Tell me, Eve, where is your real body? Surely, you’re not this ghostly all the time ’cause it would be a real shame not to be able to touch flesh and blood.”

She almost smiled for the first time in many months. “You are very interesting, Dragon. Do you always say such bold things to the women you meet? I imagine the human women like it?”

The twitch of his eye could be annoyance, but she was not sure of human expressions. “I get action when I want it. Maybe I need to school you. Then again, I have a thing for shape-shifting women. You don’t happen to transform, do you?”

She gasped, knowing he was getting back at her. So, she had insulted him. Though it was not intentional. Maybe she needed to spend more time studying the logs on other species and less time in the simulator outside her body. Then, she would know how to speak to others. But leaving her body meant freedom, and as long as the man back on shore did not prevent it, she would exercise her ability as much as possible.

“No, I am not a shape-shifter. I am not even from the same galaxy as the shape-shifters,” she admitted. “But you are one, though not naturally.”

He grunted. Somehow, she had offended him yet again.

“I did not mean to offend you, Dragon. We want to get to know you. Talk to you about your transformation and how you became as you are.” Her words were rushed, hopeful of making up for her social faux pas.

“We? Who are we?” he queried.

She bit her lip and glanced back over her shoulder. “He is on shore, waiting to meet you. If you will become a dragon and fly there, he will talk to you, tell you what he wants.”

“In case you haven’t noticed while you were floating around, we’re in a war. My friends need me, so I’m not going anywhere to satisfy some guy’s curiosity. But if you give me your number, you can be sure I’ll call to get a chance to see you inside your body.”

The grin had returned, and so had the charm. She found herself warming to his words. In the simulator, could she touch him outside her body? Could she help him leave his body? She had never wanted the man she called Master to capture another but found herself longing for more interaction with this man, something she had not allowed herself with the other captives she had met. Now was not the time. He was calling to her to return to her body.
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